Traditional Danish open-faced sandwiches

Fresh shrimp and organic eggs

with lobster mayonnaise and herbs


New potatoes

with lovage mayonnaise, gooseberry and radish


Roast beef & crispy onions

with cucumber from Fyn and tarragon emulsion


Smoked poultry salad with cream

with fresh peas, roasted mushrooms and crunch


Seared plaice

with sauce tartare and cress

1 piece DKK 95
3 pieces DKK 250


Shrimp salad

with smoked cream cheese, crispy rye, pickled elements and herbs


Catch of the Day

with broccoli, vegetables and beurre blanc

2 servings with coffee and sweets
DKK 400


Late summer dessert

with fresh berries and crunch

DKK 125


Cheese plate

with 3 Danish cheeses, crunch and jam

DKK 125