The story

Heaven and the sea

Stella Maris first appeared on Svendborg Sound in 1904. Since then, countless people from all corners of the globe have visited the White House on the hill.

The name was given by one of its first inhabitants, widowed Countess Anna Ahlefeldt-Laurvig. She moved into the bright living rooms in 1906 and was inspired by the view from the terrace, to what is today a permanent part of the South Fyn cultural heritage: Stella Maris – The Star of the Sea.

In 1916, the house came under new ownership, and until 1967 was both private housing, a language school for Danes who wanted to emigrate – and a summer boarding house for the bourgeoisie.

Not least, the latter has a long and colourful history here: Stella Maris was known for its cultural life throughout Europe, and has, among other things, hosted Karen Blixen and her friends, as well as the actors from the historical Danish TV series, Matador.

In 1967, Stella Maris found religion. Indre Mission, a Christian church movement, bought the land, and for the next 44 years, Denmark’s last mission hotel welcomed travelers in a setting that invited calm, contemplation – and absolutely no alcohol.

The tranquility and contemplation continued, but the alcohol ban was lifted when the mission closed in 2011. A thorough renovation brought the house into the 21st century while maintaining the charm and distinctiveness of the old buildings.

On 1st March 2014, Stella Maris once again opened its doors to adventurers from home and abroad – now with a restaurant, 36 elegant bedrooms, meeting rooms, lounge, bar, terrace, and wine cellar.