Stella Maris is an experience in a class of its own with a warm, welcoming environment, elegant surroundings, and a unique location.

At the end of the Linden tree-lined avenue, standing on the waterfront of southern Fyn, you will find one of Denmark’s best beach hotels. Our only job is to give our guests experiences for life, whether they are with us to eat, relax, party, do business – or all four.

No matter your reason to visit us, you will find that we meet you on your terms and without any pretense. We serve a freshly peeled shrimp dish with locally brewed beer on the terrace with the same dedication and care as a 7-course menu with caviar and Armand de Brignac in the wine cellar.

Our ambition is to create “the best place in the world”: a sanctuary where you can be yourself and be together. All in a setting that is both unique, beautiful, and completely sincere.

At Stella Maris, we look you in the eye – and we are glad that you have chosen to spend time with us.