In harmony with nature

Stella Maris thrives on the nature we share with our guests outside the window. That’s why we have to take care of it too.

For us, sustainability is an intrinsic concept that permeates every decision we make – and one we invite you to become a part of, too.

We’re still on our green journey, but in 2023 we’ve reached an important milestone: Stella Maris is now Green Key certified.

Green Key is both a mark of our ambition and a guiding light for our continued work towards a Stella Maris in tune with both our local environment and the global climate.

However, at least as important as what we do is what you do when you visit us: at Stella Maris you always have the opportunity to make sustainable choices: in the restaurant, in the hotel and in the meeting rooms – so you can put your shoulders down and enjoy the moment with a clear conscience.

Here at Sydfyn, we want to create a breathing space for our guests, but without creating breathlessness for others.

It makes sense to us – we hope you feel the same way.

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